Lessons Learned

PDCA image

Learning from customers’ experience of products is fundamental operations management. In architecture, “customers” include the people who use the buildings as (employees, clients and residents), those who maintain the buildings and those who planned, designed and built them.

Lessons learned in Post Occupancy Evaluation can be “flagged” in proposed building projects or in buildings considered for rental or purchase.

Risks can be mitigated at appropriate stages of buildings’ planning, design and construction. Application of lessons learned before consultant selection and briefing provides more opportunities to effectively manage the risks.

More Common/Serious Defects

Without Post Occupancy Evaluation and application of lessons learned, some building defects can be repeated. The more common/serious defects are reported to reduce productivity and wellbeing.

Lessons Learend Example

The image above shows a lessons learned in many buildings; it recommends building level floors because building users reported that isolated steps are a safety hazard.

Preventing More Common/Serious Defects

The more common/serious defects are eliminated from some new building designs by applying lessons learned when briefing (programming) new buildings. A file of defects is compiled from previous Post Occupancy Evaluations of that building type, and other relevant buildings.


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