Best and Worst Building Features


The diverse ways that stakeholders experience and comment on buildings makes it difficult consider their priorities when designing for productivity and well being.

Approximately 7,500 building stakeholders agreed on the most important aspects of buildings to their groups in 170 building evaluations. These priorities represent the unanimously agreed priorities of people who have typically used their buildings for more than a year.


Planning and design of buildings often relies on predicting behaviour and designs’ ability to facilitate welcome outcomes. Project teams need to know the stakeholders’ most and least satisfactory aspects of buildings if they are to continue using traditional design solutions. Similarly, they need to know the worst aspects of relevant buildings if they are to improve productivity and well being.


Stakeholders priorities from evaluated buildings can be provided in a database for interrogation by the following:

  • By building type
  • By ventilation type
  • By space
  • By element
  • By quality
  • By stakeholder
  • By best or worst


For example, designers can determine what teachers’ most welcome aspects of windows and light are in classrooms, the worst aspects of apartment doors in kitchens and bathrooms or the best and worst aspects of air quality in office buildings.


Inquire about stakeholder priorities in any building type.