Building Review: User Friendliness


Productivity, recruitment, retention, health and safety can be affected by the user friendliness of buildings.


It can be challenging to predict the building features that employees and clients will experience as user friendly over a building life.

Lessons Learned

Assessing the effect of buildings on people relies on an understanding of the experience of stakeholders in similar buildings. Stakeholders have reported >100 recurring problems in new buildings. These findings are based on interviewing an estimated 7500 employees, clients and project and maintenance teams have described the detailed effects of 170 building projects in Post Occupancy Evaluations. The evaluated buildings range in size from small single buildings, to large complex buildings and campuses. They include offices, schools, universities, polytechnics, medical, museums, courts, police stations, apartments, houses and military and retail facilities. Lessons from these evaluations have provided evidence for reviewing future design proposals to support productivity, well being and low maintenance repair costs in future.


Evidence based reporting on a building in terms of user friendliness follows the following process.

1.Retrieve relevant lessons learned documents from archives

2.Inspection of the building

3.“Flag” any features and qualities that have been problems in similar buildings

4.“Flag” any features and qualities that are similar to common building failures

5.Create a register of risks to operational productivity and well being

6.Propose general precautions in support of user friendly buildings

Not only are the results of building reviews confidential, but a condition of our engagement is that our previous evaluations will remain confidential.


Lessons learned in 170 Post Occupancy evaluations are used in reporting on user friendliness of buildings.


Ask us about the lessons learned from relevant buildings. inquiries@PostOccupancyEvaluation.comPuddle Picture1

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