Evidence-Based Design Review


The purpose of new buildings is to maximise productivity and well being but it can be difficult to second guess the ways that employees and clients will use and experience some proposed building features.


Approval of building proposals needs to be based on operational experiences of building features from various perspectives in various conditions over building life times. The most comprehensive studies of building use are architectural “Post Occupancy Evaluations”.

Documented Experience of Buildings in Use

An estimated 7500 employees, clients, project and maintenance people, who have used their buildings for at least a year, described their experience in 170 Post Occupancy Building Evaluations. The evaluated buildings range in size from small single buildings, to large complex buildings and campuses including offices, schools, universities, polytechnics, medical, museums, courts, police stations, apartments, houses and military and retail facilities. Lessons from these evaluations have provided evidence for reviewing design proposals in support of productivity, well being, safety, health and low maintenance costs.

Review Process

Review of design in terms of user friendliness follows the following process.

1.Receipt of plans and retrieval of relevant lessons learned from our archives

2.Familiarisation with the drawings

3.“Flagging” any features and qualities that have created problems in similar buildings

4.“Flagging” any features and qualities associated with recurring building failures

5.Create a register of risks to productivity and well being

6.Proposing general precautions in support of user friendly buildings.

Not only are the results of building reviews confidential, but a condition of our engagement is that our previous evaluations will remain confidential.


Lessons learned from 170 Post Occupancy evaluations have been used for evidence-based review of:

  • Navy barracks – to improve design of barracks
  • Retail banking – evaluations of 25 branches as a basis for reviewing proposals
  • National Library – lessons learned from offices and libraries informed National Library refurbishment


Information about the lessons learned from similar relevant buildings is provided on request.

The process may be less than $10,000 excluding GST, Quotations are provided on request. inquiries@PostOccupancyEvaluation.com

Some new buildings roofs leak. Property and building finishes can be damaged. Employees catch drips in buckets
Some new buildings roofs leak. Property and building finishes can be damaged. Employees catch drips in buckets