Chris Watson advocates listening to all groups of people who use buildings, for clues about refining design. He backs this up with examples of building users’ reports that can improve productivity and wellbeing.

He has presented on Post Occupancy Evaluation at international conferences, industry meetings, schools of architecture, intergovernmental organisations and professional associations in Asia, Europe, Scandinavia, Australasia, the Americas and the Middle East.

Chris draws on his experience evaluating buildings around the world and co-editing the book, Enhancing Building Performance, by 25 groups of Post Occupancy Evaluation experts from around the world.

Topics associated with Post Occupancy Evaluation can include:

  • An Introduction to Post Occupancy Evaluation
  • Architects Listening for Even Better Buildings
  • The mix of Building, Behaviour and Conditions for our Productivity and Wellbeing
  • Safety by Design – A Common Hazard Reported by Building Users
  • Common Building Problems Reported
  • “Pathology ” of a Building Problem
  • Lessons Learned and Lessons Applied – Deming’s PDCA cycle in Architecture
  • The secret success of “The New Zealand Method” of Post Occupancy Evaluation

Talks are tailored to suit audiences and are typically 30-40 minutes plus question and answer. Inquires about on-line or in-person speaking engagements can be emailed to chris@postoccupancyevaluation.com