Evaluating Buildings – Most of our Post Occupancy Evaluation work is evaluating buildings. We have evaluated single buildings, sets of buildings, parts of buildings and buildings from selected stakeholders’ perspectives.

Reviewing Designs – We have been engaged to review designs and identify any proposed features that have been reported to compromise work or well-being in similar organisations’ buildings.

Common Building Problems – We have been consulted to identify the more common problems with some building types. These problems can then be specifically excluded in briefing (programming) new buildings.

Post Occupancy Evaluation Guidelines – We have been engaged to write Post Occupancy Evaluation guidelines and introduce the process to property managers responsible for applying it.

Public Engagement We have accepted speaking invitations to talk about Post Occupancy Evaluation to industry, academic, conference and intergovernmental audiences. We have presented Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Australasia and online.

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