Building hazards have been reported during Post Occupancy Evaluations. They are documented in the Evaluation reports for making safe and to prevent them being built in future buildings.

Injuries reported to be associated with building defects include bruising, a fractured pelvis, migraines and stress. Ear, nose, throat and respiratory problems are often attributed to mechanical ventilation.

One of the more common/serious problems reported in Post Occupancy Evaluations of school buildings has been associated with deaths of three children at other sites.

Slippery-when-wet entrance is a more common/serious defect reported in Post Occupancy Evaluations. 12 people were seriously injured on another slippery-when-wet entrance.

Workplace Safety Review by Employees

Workplaces can be systematically reviewed by employees and other stakeholders to identify any hazards and bring them to the attention of those responsible for workplace safety.

Safety by Design

Building proposals can be reviewed to “flag” selected hazards that have been reported in previous building evaluations.

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